Graduation thesis

A FITS based realtime analysis software for X-ray experiments

Have a look at my diploma thesis. Or at the new fpipe site.

The basic observation which lead to the development of the FPIPE software was that scientific tools, which are used to analyze data from X-ray telescopes are basically already present during the development of the detectors, at least at the pre-processing level. For X-ray experiments, where the detectors are often CCDs, this pre-processing includes applying of offset-maps and bad-pixel maps and many more specialized tasks. But even though these tools are already present during detector development, they are re-invented for the scientific analysis software. The reason for this re-invention is based on the different requirements of the realtime-analysis during the development of detectors and the scientific data analysis, which is based of standardized file formats. FPIPE tries to combine both requirements (realtime and FITS based) into a single, but flexible setup.

The development of the software continues at the Dr. Remeis-Sternwarte Bamberg and e.g. will be used for the X-ray telescope eROSITA on the Russian Spectrum-Roentgen-Gamma (SRG) mission.

The technology stack for this pipeline:
❚FITS (cfitsio)❚SysV IPC (semaphores)❚C ❚Perl ❚ Gtk+ ❚ Cairo ❚