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Projects that I write in my spare time are all free software and can be found either on launchpad or now bitbucket:


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Qreator enables you to easily create your own QR codes to encode different types of information in an efficient, compact and cool way.
Qreator is a great app, because it has a single purpose (handling QR codes), it is perfectly integrated into Ubuntu (launcher, software-center, launchpad, ...), and it strives for a minimal but highly functional user interface.
The current stable version of Qreator is completely written in Python and Gtk+. Since Ubuntu is on its way to the mobile and smartTV formfactors, qreator has started to head there as well. We have implemented a brand ...

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Home Music Control

Setting up a budget home music system with Ubuntu was at the heart of this project.

The hardware I used for my setup is an old EeePC running Ubuntu 12.10, a set of speakers, an external harddrive and several smartphones. I had all of there components where already available, so nothing to buy, which makes this setup a cheap one for me.

Ubuntu EeePC: the music server

I run the standard Ubuntu media player on this machine, so now it is Rhythmbox, previously it was Banshee. Both of these players follow the mpris2 convention, which allows e.g. the ...

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Dice Bots

The Linux Magazine (Germany) held a programming contest in September 2010, where bots programmed by the users had to play against each other (one on one) in a dice rolling game.
Apart from the trivial network communication the bots had to implement a logic which decides if either a dice roll should happen or if the opponent can continue. If it was decided on a diceroll, the result could be either an addition to the own score, or a loss of all previous points back to the last time the turn was handed over to the opponent. So the decision ...

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The Doctor Quarto Game

This game was written for Christoph Tenzers PhD celebration.

Game Play

The original game is a wooden field with 16 distinct figures. Each figure has 4 properties: it is round/square, black/white, small/tall and marked/unmarked.
The game is played by 2 people. A turn starts by player A selecting a figure, and player B placing that figure on the board. If a player can place a figure in such a way that one row/column/diagonale contains figures with a common distinguisher, that player wins.
It's really a fun game! You should give it a try ...

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The Swarm Intelligence Programming Game

Swint is a programming game I started a while ago in order to learn several techniques and libraries in Python.
The idea of the game is, that several robots have to find the goal on an unknown map without running out of energy. The robots have to be written beforehand and no user interaction will take place once the game runs.
The game has a graphical client written in python with the clutter library. An alternative commandline client (written in ruby by Phillip Hofman) can be found here: swint.
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