The Doctor Quarto Game

This game was written for Christoph Tenzers PhD celebration.

Game Play

The original game is a wooden field with 16 distinct figures. Each figure has 4 properties: it is round/square, black/white, small/tall and marked/unmarked.
The game is played by 2 people. A turn starts by player A selecting a figure, and player B placing that figure on the board. If a player can place a figure in such a way that one row/column/diagonale contains figures with a common distinguisher, that player wins.
It's really a fun game! You should give it a try.
Gigamic, Quarto classic

For the PhD celebration, Chris had to play this game with a theme covering his PhD, hobbies and personal life. While in the original board game, the distinguishers are round/square, black/white, small/tall and marked/unmarked, the distinguishers in Chris version are: astronomy-related/not astronomy-related, a Person/not a Person, a Robot/ not a Robot, fictional/real.
This adds a whole new level of complexity, ... but he just got a PhD, right :-)

This computer version is an extremely simple implementation of a themable board. No checking for winners, etc. Just the board and the pieces.


Installation is very easy if you use Ubuntu. I have setup a ppa (personal package archieve) on launchpad:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:stefan-schwarzburg/drquarto
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install drquarto

Getting the source

You can find the source code at launchpad, but without the theme that was played at the celebration, because I do not want to share his personal pictures...
If you like the game, you can just grab the code and improve it. Technologies are Python, Gtk, and cairo. Merge requests are always welcome...

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