Dice Bots

The Linux Magazine (Germany) held a programming contest in September 2010, where bots programmed by the users had to play against each other (one on one) in a dice rolling game.
Apart from the trivial network communication the bots had to implement a logic which decides if either a dice roll should happen or if the opponent can continue. If it was decided on a diceroll, the result could be either an addition to the own score, or a loss of all previous points back to the last time the turn was handed over to the opponent. So the decision boilt down to: save or roll.
121 bots entered the competition, programmed in many different languages, with very different strategies. I decided that my own bot should follow a very simple stragety: based on the current score of the opponent, my own score and the points in the current run. So actually, a small number of "if" statements should suffice.
My bot "xubuntix" made second place!

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