31 Jan. 2009

Using numdisplay

Numdisplay is one of the cool python astronomy packages that lack documentation! What I want to do is display an image from the python shell (easy and well documented) and this image shall contain WCS information, because otherwise I could as well use matplotlib (really hard and NOT documented).
What I know so far:
  1. open ds9 with the following command:
    ds9 -unix "/tmp/.IMT3"
  2. in the python shell create an UnixImageDisplay
    uid = numdisplay.displaydev.UnixImageDisplay("/tmp/.IMT3")
  3. don't really know how to continue ... the wcs stuff seems not to work the way I expect ...

Next try, this time with python-sao:
import pysao
ds9 = pysao.ds9()

Much better :-)
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