30 Nov. 2012

Qreator is getting ready for a second coming...

Half a year ago, I joined David Planella in the development of his nice Qreator app. From the software-center description: "Qreator is an Ubuntu app that enables you to easily create your own QR codes to encode different types of information in an efficient, compact and cool way."
In the next days we will see the "second coming" of Qreator with lots of new features and improvements:
  • The new dataformat: BusinessCard
    A QR code created with this datatype allows the scanning application to directly import the contact details into the address book. The format currently uses the VCard standard, but MECARD will be available in the future.
  • The new dataformats: SMS and Call
    When scanning a barcode of this type, you will be asked if you want to send a text message to the encoded phone number or place a call.
  • When encoding URLs, you can directly shorten the ULR with the 'ethical shortening service' Is.gd
    Other shortening services (goo.gl, bit.ly, tinyurl.com) are already implemented, but are not selectable until we have a nice solution for preferences...
  • QR codes now can have colors!
    Pick your favorite foreground and background colors (but make sure their brightness is reasonably different...)
  • Printing is now also possible, as well as Drag'n'Drop
  • The SoftwareCenterApp dataformat got a boost: its 10 times faster!
    (at least the autocompletion feature :-)

And of course there have been internal changes as well. They will pay off in the future... So: head over to the software center and give it a try! We are looking for feedback...