21 March 2013

Qt5 Documentation

Is it just me, or is the Qt5 documentation really really hard to find?

I tried to google for "QML PageStack" and no official documenation anywhere in the first pages. Then I directly went to the Qt site and tried to search there for Pagestack and guess what? The first link is a link to page where search results are given for the phrase "PageStack"! WTF?!
To make it short: there is no documentation for the QML element PageStack on the Qt pages. There is something in sailfish and something in the ubuntu-sdk pages...
I really don't get why it is so hard to make automatic documentation of all elements, which are then extended manually. At least the automatic docs would show a list of all properties, methods, signals, ... even if nothing else was written there, it would still help.
Dear Qt/QML developers, have a look at kivy to see how documentation is done. Cheers!
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